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ANTI-BURNOUT PROGRAM | Gattaz - Health & Results


The Anti-Burnout program goals are to substantially reduce burnout and achieve sustained improvements in stress levels, cognitive capacity and emotional well-being. The Program is guided by our surveying of the most critical areas with most incidence of burnout and stress within the organization. The Program focus is to bring the three dimensions of factors that lead to burnout: Autonomy, Social Support and Demand. In addition, the Program acts preemptively in reducing burnout risk factors both at the individual level (with associates who feel strained and were diagnosed with burnout) and at the corporate level (along with managers from critical areas).

The Anti-Burnout Program is executed in 4 stages, providing behavioral tools for managing emotions and increasing resilience. The Program is conducted by our team of neuropsychologists, cognitive behavioral therapists and coaches certified by national and international emotional management organizations. The first stage consists of an intervention for all associates in the organization.

Through a series of lectures with theory and practice activities, we provide the guidance for performing a cognitive restructuring aiming at increasing resilience and positive processing of burnout (neuronal rewiring). The second stage is dedicated to managers, training them to adopt burnout reducing and prophylactic practices in the corporate environment. Through a leadership training and a corporate education program, we will qualify leaders in implementing processes that minimize the effects from burnout and strengthen social support in their teams. The third stage is focused on risk factors for associates with severe strain and burnout, such as personality traits, attitude, habits and behaviors.

Here we adopt the intervention model for increased resilience, applying techniques such as energy management, cardiac coherence, biofeedback, change tolerance mechanisms, cognitive behavioral therapy, coaching and flourishing. Finally, the fourth stage consists of training for future trainers, qualifying associates appointed by the company to multiply the emotional management techniques, aiming at maintaining and further disseminating the performed interventions.

The Program duration is 12 months. Along with scientific research in the field, our experience shows that reestablishing the balance to the binomial demand versus autonomy+social support, as well as acting strongly upon the individual and corporate burnout factors, significantly reduce the incidence of burnout and stress at the organization.